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Monday, September 21, 2009

Campione's Taste of Chicago Menu

Taste of Chicago

Open Monday-Saturday
10:oo AM until 8:00 PM

Here's a great idea! Use Campione's for your next party. Graduations, Weddings, business meeting and lunches whatever. Most of our menu is available in mass quanitiies to make your next gathering a real tasty success.

1) Italian Beef Samich $4.99
Here it is Tennessee. The real deal from Chicago. Piles of slow-cooked, thin sliced, Italian spiced roast beef served on a crusty hunk of Italian bread with sweet peppers or spicy giardiniere.

2) Mama Debbie’s Italian Beef $5.99
Go nuts and melt some Mozzarella on top of our regular Italian Beef and fahgeddaboutit, you’ll be hooked.

3) Italian Sausage Samich $4.79
It doesn’t get any better than this. Grilled Italian sausage on Italian bread you can have your way. Try it with sweet peppers and giardinere or get real with Mama Campione’s secret sauce spread on top. Either way you’re GONNA love it.

4) Combo Samich $6.99
Real, old school Chicago. Combine Italian beef and Italian sausage on the same crusty bread. Add peppers or giardiniere and mozzarella melted on top and you’re downtown, my friend. Recommended by Da Coach and Hizzoner, da Mare.

5) Meatball Samich $4.69
Dis is beeootiful. Mama Campione’s secret sauce with real Italian meatballs on flaky, crusty Italian bread. You want fries with that?

6) Da Big Spiccone Dog -$3.99
with fries $4.99
Bite into this dog and you’ll feel like the Big Spiccone! This perfectly spiced, monster dog is served Chicago style with mustard, relish, fresh onions, sliced tomato, dill pickles, and celery salt. No ketchup, capiche?

7) Chicago Hot Dog $2.99
with fries $3.99
Big, tasty dog cooked and served on a sesame bun just like in the Windy. Get it your way with mustard, relish, fresh onions, sliced tomato, dill pickles, gardiniere peppers and celery salt.

8) Wrigley Chili Dog $2.99
with fries $3.99
Can you believe it? Homemade chili slathered over that tasty Chicago Hot Dog with fresh onion and cheddar cheese.

9) Maxwell Street Polish $3.99
with fries $4.99
Just like they made ‘em at the old Maxwell Street market in downtown Chicago. Big spicy Polish Sausage served up with grilled onions, mustard and spices. Maybe throw in a pickle. No ketchup!

10) Mag Mile Polish-$3.99
with fries $4.99
Cooked and served just like from the carts on Michigan Avenue by the lake. Polish sausage with fresh onions, spicy mustard, relish, sliced tomato, dill pickles and celery salt. Taste so good you’ll think you’re an Alderman.

11) Brat Sausage Samich-$3.99
with fries $4.99
You wanna brat, my friend? Check this out: Big juicy bratwurst with all the Chicago trimmings a brat should have and nothing; it shouldn’t; onions, seasoned salt, pickle and cheese maybe. Move over Milwaukee.

Mama Campione’s Pasta!

All our pasta dishes feature that special secret recipe sauce Mama used to make.

Monday 6.99
Mostaccioli or Spaghetti with meatballs or sausage.

Tuesday 6.99
Ravioli Stuffed with Riccotta cheese.

Wednesday ????
Pasta Special. You never know what it’ll be except real good!

Thursday 7.99
Sauted onions, peppers and sausage over pasta. A different type pasta every week.

Friday 7.99
Baked Lasagna with Ricotta cheese.

Saturday 7.99
Giant stuffed shells with Ricotta cheese.

Soups 3.19
Try our real Italian soups of the day like Minestrone, Italian
Wedding soup, real chicken noodle or whatever. We’re never sure what’s cooking on what day but hey, they’re all great.

Home-Made Chili 3.99
This ain’t Italian but what the hey! We make it right here and bowl or cup it’s real good.

Everybody asked us for 'em so we made and here they are. Spring mix greens, sliced strawberries (in season) and mandarin oranges and other good stuff. Add beeeoootifully grilled chicken Italian style and it's gonna be good.

Small Salad 2.99, with grilled chicken 3.99
Large Salad 4.99 with grilled chicken 5.99

You want Fries with that? 1.79
Fries aren’t Italian either but people like ‘em OK? We do ‘em like we like ‘em, big with real potato and just the right kind of crispy.
Chili Cheese fries, yowza! $3.79
Cheese Fries $2.79

Somethin’ ta Drink

Pop, 20 oz. bottle $1.69
Bottled Water, 20 oz. $1.49
Cup a Joe, 12 oz. $1.29

Cheese Cake!!! $3.79
New York style cheesecake made in Tennessee and offered by a Chicago style restaurant. Doesn’t get any better than this!
Cannoli $2.79
Light pastry tube filled with sweet ricotta cheese. To die for.

Take it Wit Ya!
We wannna spread da word about Italian Beef so we decided to offer catering and take out like dis.

Italian Beef by the pound
1 lb. with gravy, feeds 4 $11.99
1 lb. with bread,peppers $14.49
2 lbs. with gravy, feeds 8 $22.99
2 lbs with bread, peppers $27.49
5 lbs. with gravy,feeds 20 $49.99
5 lbs. with bread, peppers $62.49

Pasta by the Pan
Lasagna, feeds 8-10 $39.95
Mostaccioli or spaghetti $20.99
Side salads $15.00

Open Monday-Saturday
10:oo AM until 8:00 PM

Find us in Gallatin

Campione’s is located at 179 Hancock Street in Suite 208 of Maple Center Mall. We’re across the street and right behind Gallatin High School just one block East of 31E in Gallatin, TN.

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