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Thursday, January 13, 2011


Abject apologies to any readers or followers. I last posted in March and folks are wondering if we're still here. Yes we are and I am a schmuck for not keeping this blog current. I have an excuse (actually more than one) but no one cares, not even me. In any event, I have resolved to do better in 2011.

WE ARE STILL HERE! Opening in September 2008 as the economy tanked and Obamanomics kicked in we should not be here! 90 percent of restaurants fail in the first 12 months in an average economy. We are still here because of our diners, friends and family. Thank you all very, very much as we sneak up on 2 1/2 years of operations.

We are working on the spring Chicago Cruise In schedule and should post it within a couple of weeks. NO RAIN OUTS THIS YEAR, DO YOU HEAR ME?

We are also planning on getting out of the 'rant and into warm season festivals. We even have an app in to the Wilson County Fair. Here's hoping.

We've added Mama Debbie's Chicken Salad croissants to the menu and are offering all our sausages, dogs, pasta and condiments in bulk. Get your hot giardinera by the gallon for only $25.00!

Da Bears have a shot at da Super Bowl. Get your pounds of beef ready now for playoff time and Da Bears spanking of their puny opponents. Nothing goes with football like a beef samich. AAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

Till next time, Papa Campione, signing off.


  1. We love you Campione's! Congrats on survivin' Obamanomics! If'n I'da known you were doin' so well, I'd have hit you up to buy another Bears football helmet pumpkin head in October. Anyhoo, da Bears lost to dem Packer shmucks but we still love 'em.
    I sneak ketchup on my dawg. I cannot help it.

  2. I've known about Campione's for a while but today was my first time to get in there! WOW! Who says you can't take the dog out of Chicago!? Tasted like the best dog joints in the Windy City. Da Big Spiccone is Da Bomb! The fries... perfection. And the Chicago imported cannoli... worthy of a credit at the end of every Godfather movie. THEN, to make matters better, I was offered a sample of "da beef" and... mama!!! I already know what I'm getting the next time I go in. Great job Campiones! Thanks for saving me airfare to O'Hare just to get a decent dog!

    Kevin K- Gallatin



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